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Licensed Jumper Requirements Lowered

By December 24, 2019No Comments
New fun jumper limit starting 21 DECEMBER 2019: 200 jumps and USPA B license (or equivalent license with documented canopy course)
IMPORTANT NOTE – Anyone with less than 300 jumps:
  1. MUST do induction course and MUST book this course in advance. You can not just show up at the DZ and expect to be able to jump. More details below.
  2. Must be current = minimum 10 jumps in preceding 90 days.
  3. Wingsuiters must have done 50 wingsuit jumps elsewhere previously.
  4. There are additional general restrictions for fun jumpers. Please visit our website and check the latest details before traveling here.
The induction course is free of charge and usually held on Saturday mornings but can be flexible to suit your schedule. It’s about 1-2 hours on the ground followed by 2 Hop n Pops with video debrief. Further canopy training will be provided for free if necessary. (Hop n Pop tickets not included = 700 THB each).
You must be able to speak English to a good enough standard to take a course and sit a short written test. Please be clear that this induction course is also an evaluation of your knowledge and skills. It is not a guarantee that you will be allowed to jump here. This dropzone is not easy: the landing area is small, often with crosswind and turbulence and there are not many alternates.
Fill out the form at to book your induction course!