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COVID-19 Suspension of Operations

By March 26, 2020June 5th, 2020No Comments

As Thailand and the world is faced with increasing COVID-19 infections, we have decided to suspend all skydiving operations until further notice.

In these unprecedented times, we feel obligated to support the government’s containment efforts and keep our staff out of harm’s way. We are committed to protecting our community and do our part in flattening the transmission curve. Ever since the beginning of the outbreak, we have implemented additional virus control protocols including but not limited to handing out face masks, providing and encouraging the use of hand sanitizer, and frequent disinfecting of all common areas. Our team will continue to monitor the latest best practices and prepare to introduce them whenever we open our doors again.

We currently do not have a definitive timeline for resuming operations, since little is known about how quickly we can overcome the pandemic. Our management team will continuously monitor the situation and make a decision at a later date.

We know that news of the closure may be upsetting to frequent jumpers or those of you who have already booked a tandem skydive, and for that we ask for your kind understanding. Thank you for your patience, and we wish you the best of health until we meet again!