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Beach Landings, Finally!

By March 12, 2020No Comments

The awesome-ness factor of skydiving just went up 1,000% with our new offering – BEACH LANDINGS! This is the first time this highly sought-after jump type is offered at a commercial dropzone in Thailand.

All beach jumps come standard with the Gold Camera Package topped off with landing the parachute on a pristine beach. In addition, the beach landing package includes the optional private pick-up from Pattaya or Bangkok (no more sharing vans!), a complementary cocktail of your choice served upon landing, and the phenomenal views of flying right above a beach.

Prices are THB 23,800 each for solo visitors and THB 20,800 each for groups of 2 or more.

We are currently accepting bookings via direct messages only. Please chat with us at or message us on WhatsApp at +66 (0) 972-314-295. This special offering is only available during months when the tide is favorable. Get in touch to reserve your slot!