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What makes some dropzones so much better than others? We compiled a list of skydivers’ favorite features and implemented them at Skydive Thailand. As a company run by avid skydivers, we pride ourselves on setting the gold standard for skydiving in Asia.

If you’re seeking the best skydiving experience, look no further!


Going high and spending more time in the air is one of the most crucial aspects of a memorable skydive. That’s why fly to an altitude of 13,000 feet (4,000 meters) every flight. No other operator in Thailand can guarantee this due to airspace restrictions.


Complacency if the greatest risk to safety in skydiving. At our dropzone, we constantly work with jump staff to revisit emergency protocols and best practices. Our staff have no safety violations throughout their careers and there have been no accidents at Skydive Thailand.


Every jump at Skydive Thailand is a sightseeing tour as much as a skydive! We are surrounded by the natural beauty of Thailand – a 180° view of the sapphire blue sea, islands such as Koh Samet, and plantations all around. These serve as a truly stunning backdrop for aerial photos.


The Pacific Aerospace P750XL is perhaps the only aircraft designed with skydiving in mind. Ours was delivered to Thailand in 2017 and has performed flawlessly without incident. With the capacity of 2 crew and 14 passengers, it is also the largest civilian skydiving aircraft in the country.


All our equipment is purchased first-hand directly from premium manufacturers. Most of the tandem skydiving gear is imported from USA, Germany, and New Zealand. We do not use any equipment with questionable reliability.


Professional riggers certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration work full time with us and perform routine inspections on all skydiving gear. We also have a qualified team of engineers on-site to service the aircraft as needed.


A 5-star skydive isn’t complete without top notch customer service. All our knowledgeable staff are trained to deliver a seamless experience so that you can focus on enjoying the part where you fall out of a perfectly working plane!