Skydiving experts you can trust

There’s nothing more important than safety in the sport of skydiving. We’ve taken every precaution and adopted industry best practices to mitigate risk, so that you can focus on enjoying the fun.

As a commercial operator licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), all our operation procedures have been checked and approved as part of the rigorous due diligence process. We voluntarily adopt skydiving policies set by the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and enroll as a US Parachute Association (USPA) foreign affiliate because we believe in complying with the latest safety standards.

Enforcement of the rules are carried out by key members of the operations team. A designated Chief Instructor, Dropzone Operator and Safety & Training Advisor (S&TA) monitor all skydiving activities each day and convenes to review potential areas of improvement.

Our skydiving instructors are carefully assessed to ensure a good fit. Besides meeting our experience requirements and holding the necessary skydiving ratings, they were selected for demonstrating exceptional safety awareness, emergency procedure abilities and general practical skills. On average, the instructors have several thousand successful skydives each.

The aircraft is always flown by a crew of 2, a Pilot-in-Command and a Co-Pilot, for redundancy and extra situational awareness. On the ground, at least one licensed engineer type rated by Pacific Aerospace and CAAT is constantly on standby to perform routine maintenance.

Although there have been no severe injuries or fatalities at Skydive Thailand, the team is fully prepared to handle unexpected scenarios. Multiple staff are first aid certified and we have medical supplies, including an Automatic External Defibrillator, on the premises.

COVID-19 Precautions

In response to COVID-19, we have introduced new protocols to mitigate risks to your health at the dropzone. These guidelines have been approved by the local authorities and we will continue to revise them as we see fit.

Temperature Checks

Access to the premises is restricted to one main entrance with a temperature screening checkpoint where each person passing through will be measured. Tandem skydiving customers using our shuttle service will also have their temperatures taken prior to entering the minivan. In both cases, admission is only permitted if the temperature reads 37.4 deg C or lower.


All staff and visitors must wear a mask, face shield, or other face covering at the dropzone. It must provide sufficient protection against respiratory droplets and fully cover the mouth and nostrils. We provide disposable surgical masks at the front desk for those without one.


The frequency of wiping door handles, sofas, desks, restrooms and other shared surfaces with disinfectant is increased to once every 2 hours. The aircraft cabin is thoroughly cleaned during each engine shutdown and the entire facility is sanitized each day before opening.

Social Distancing

Checking in, gearing up and other interactive engagements are redesigned to ensure no unnecessary physical contact is made and maintain adequate gaps between persons whenever possible. Labeled queueing and seating areas clearly demarcate the minimum required distancing.

Cashless Transactions

Customers are encouraged to pay online in advance or by credit card to reduce handling of bank notes. If cash is the only payment method available, the reception staff can still accommodate it by wearing gloves or sanitizing their hands before and after the transaction.

Staff Segregation

Our staff are split into teams which are rotated based on shifts, days, or flights. In the dropzone, we also designate staff-only areas and restroom cubicles. This is minimizes shared exposure to visitors and between teams, allowing better contact tracing and quarantine measures as needed. All company personnel are routinely checked for COVID-19 symptoms.

Additional Precautions

Face masks are available at the front desk upon request and hand sanitizer stations are distributed around the premises. A disinfectant mat at the entrance of the reception area sanitizes the soles of each person entering the building.