Save your skydive in high definition

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video of your first skydive is priceless. Our camera packages give you the opportunity to capture the full skydive and revisit the excitement anytime.

Silver Package

Our budget-friendly and most popular option, the Silver Package offers great value for money. The video starts with a pre-jump interview with the instructor on the ground prior to take-off and snippets of the flight to altitude. Then, the action camera is mounted on the instructor’s wrist to film the entire skydive and parachute flight from an up-close perspective.

You will receive a 2-3 minute fully edited 1080p video and 20-30 screenshots.

Gold Package

The Gold Package is the gold standard in skydiving videography and photography. Not only does the package include all the features of the Silver Package, you also have a personal cameraman accompanying you throughout the experience. Equipped with both an action camera for videos and a DSLR or mirrorless camera for photos, the cameraman flies around you while falling at 200kph to get all the angles you can possibly want!

You will receive a 2-3 minute fully edited 1080p video, 20-30 screenshots, and about 100-200 high resolution photos.