Skydive Thailand

Thailand’s Top Rated Skydiving Experience Near Pattaya

First Jump

Challenge yourself to a 13,000 feet skydive with our professional instructors. No experience needed.

Licensed Skydivers

Our great scenery, new aircraft and year-round operation offers the perfect sport jumping experience.

Safety Standards

As a US Parachute Association Foreign Affiliate, we offer nothing but the best in skydiving safety.

About Skydive Thailand

Go Skydiving with the number one rated high altitude skydiving experience in Thailand that’s just a short drive from Bangkok & Pattaya, Thailand.

Skydive Thailand is on a mission to deliver the most mind-blowing skydiving experience in Asia. Just a short drive from Pattaya and Bangkok, our beautiful seaside location features stunning views and great weather.

Every component of our operation is carefully designed around uncompromising safety standards, excellent customer service, and the commitment to providing the most epic memories of a lifetime.

Skydiving Pattaya

Discover the world of skydiving!

Jump with us at our airfield in the amazing coastal countryside of Rayong.